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We are committed to building a brighter tomorrow for our students. Our vision is to empower every individual we work with to realize their full potential. We believe that positive relationships are the most meaningful and rewarding way to achieve this. We're dedicated to providing each student with the guidance and support they need to thrive and be the best they can be. If you're ready to take the next step towards fulfilling your ambitions, get in touch with us today.

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Chances Mentoring Alternate Provision is a re-engagement focused provision that prides itself in having high levels of success in re-engaging students back into education. We currently have access to onsite state-of-the-art equipment with high staff professionalism and a comforting environment. 

Whilst attending Chances the students will continue to develop their Maths, English and PSHCCE.  All are taught by QTS-qualified teachers to ensure continuous progress is being made.

Our wider and vocational curriculum include Construction, Beauty, Sport, Thematic (Science, creative and Humanities) all enabling the students to develop life skills and employability skills. 

We aim to mentor students to achieve their best potential by identifying what their barriers to learning are and ensuring long-term strategies are implemented to allow the reintegration into school to be sustainable and achievable for all. 

Each student follows a provision development plan that tracks their development to be shared with all the relevant professionals and parents/guardians.

Our Provision

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